Welcome Address – Endovascular Symposium


Dear Colleague,

We would like to welcome you to our Endovascular Symposium
Being held as part of the 20th annual Complex Coronary, Valvular and Vascular Cases Symposium

CCVVC is proud to enter into a new partnership with the Leipzig Interventional Course (LINC) to expand the Endovascular portion of the symposium. The Endovascular Symposium intends to offer an open platform for discussion of new methods and technologies for every day solutions in the field of Endovascular Interventions. Our goal is to create an interdisciplinary forum and illustrate the most effective approach in the management of PAD.

We will achieve this by bringing together colleagues of different specialties from across the country and abroad, who perform Endovascular Interventions. This one-day course will focus on presenting concise and current information that will update you with the latest techniques and technologies.


With a special focus on lower extremity peripheral artery disease (PAD) and critical limb ischemia (CLI) to address the need for amputation prevention techniques, the annual conference provides educational sessions for endovascular specialists, podiatrists, family physicians, nurses and cath lab technologists with specific accreditations for each specialty.

Educational Objectives

  • Discuss the indications, risks and complications of interventional therapies in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, peripheral artery disease, and critical limb ischemia.

  • Understand and implement contemporary approaches in peripheral vascular management (including carotid, renal and mesenteric, SFA, below the knee, venous disease and aortic) based on recent clinical trials and evidenced based data.

  • Apply appropriate applications of new endovascular technologies for patients with vascular disease.

  • Describe appropriate pharmacologic management in the care of patients with cardiovascular disease, peripheral artery disease and critical limb ischemia.

  • Discuss various testing modalities and comprehensive spectrum of care in patients with foot ulcers and threatened limbs.

  • Explain proper use and interpretation of diagnostic tools and apply appropriate screening techniques for peripheral artery disease.

  • Recognize the roles and responsibilities of multidisciplinary members of a comprehensive PAD clinical team.

Attendee Experience

The Endovascular Symposium as part of the annual CCVVC meeting brings together a diverse group of healthcare professionals working together to improve patient care for those facing cardiovascular disease. The meeting offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to hear the latest developments in patient care, and connect with their peers and course faculty at both formal and informal events throughout the conference.

Educational opportunities during the conference will include:

  • Didactic lectures from physician leaders selected for appeal to the conference’s multidisciplinary audience

  • Live case broadcasts in HD, with discussion between panelists, case operators and audience members

  • Industry-sponsored sessions on hot topics related to treatment of PAD and CLI

  • Specialty-specific sessions for family care physicians, wound care specialists, podiatrists, nurses and cath lab specialists

Along with educational opportunities, the Endovascular Symposium as part of CCVVC also offers attendees a variety of networking opportunities:

  • Interaction with multiple industry partners who specialize in the field of Cardiovascular and Endovascular Medicine.

  • Access to Internationally renowned faculty members during all meal functions.

  • The meeting also showcases New York City, from the friendly atmosphere to delicious cuisine served throughout the conference.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Endovascular symposium!Sincerely,Endovascular Symposium Directors

Prakash Krishnan, MD, FACC

Director, Endovascular Services
Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
Associate Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
The Mount Sinai Hospital,
New York, New York

Dierk Scheinert

Dierk Scheinert, MD

Head of the Department of Medicine,
Angiology and Cardiology,
Park-Krankenhaus Leipzig
Head of the Department of Angiology,
University Hospital Leipzig Heart Center
Leipzig, Germany